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October Hermit Crab


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Animals for Adoption

Date: 9/24/14

Rocky and Figaro Sasha and Leahs kids

We have 2 pygmy Nigerian Dwarf babies available.  They are still available as we have not had the right adoption application come in for them.

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Date: 9/17/14

Rescued Labrador Retriever p6

We have some great news! Ember was a rescued Lab that we had been fostering. She is now on her way to being A Service Dog for Benjamin! We are so thankful for the way God worked out the situation for Ember and how she went from a dog in need to a dog helping others in need. It’s a miracle and we pray that Ember works out perfectly for her new home as she starts training.  Please go and like their page, as we have done, so we can all follow their progress.  Click here to viwe the page and hit like —> A Service Dog for Benjamin

Date: 9/3/14

My cat Confetti a Domestic Shorthair2 rescued Kitty Cats still looking for loving homes.

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Date: 9/13/14

Apple Valley Paws N’ Claws Pet Fair

Look for our grooming booth at the pet fair and come by for a free gift!  Their will be all kinds of shopping, food, demonstration, contest, pet adoptions, low cost vaccines, and more!  September 13, 2014 from 10 am – 3 pm at the Apple Valley dog park.


Grooming News

Date: 9/1/14 September Grooming Special

Every month we have a new grooming special!  Be sure to ask us at your pets next apportionment what the month’s special is.


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