My cat’s hair is on everything!

My cat’s hair is on everything!

Updated on 4/27/13, Originally posted on 8/20/11

Weekly Bible Verse: Genesis 1:24 Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind: cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, eachaccording to its kind”; and it was so.

God created cats on the 6th day of creation and I’m so glad He did because I love my cats, but all that hair is not so much my favorite thing.  In this creature tip I will give you some ideas on how to control your cats hair so it will not get on everything.  Cats with short hair will shed just like the long haired cats.  But the shorter haired cats will shed shorter hair so there is a small up side to short hair cats.  If you are considering a cat as your next pet keep in mind that there will be hair, even the sphynx cat has a little bit of hair that sheds but not that much hair (it’s more like a little fuzz).  For cats that have hair, keeping them in one part of the house will help keep the hair out of the rest of the house.  My kitties live in my big bedroom primarily but they do get to come out for a short amount of time

To keep your kitty from sleeping in unwanted areas, provide soft pet beds for your cat(s) to sleep in.  This will help keep the hair contained in the pet bed (cats love to sleep in soft beds).  If you have a kitty that likes to sleep on your bed put a pet bed there so most of the hair will stay in your cat’s bed and not on yours.  Never let your cat(s) sleep with you under the covers (you don’t want the hair in your bed).  Keep your bed made when you are not in it.  If you can, stay away from flannel and plush soft blankets as your bedding because they are magnets for cat hair.

Here are a few other tips.  Never leave your closet open or your kitty may take a nap inside.  Vacuum regularly and never leave clothes on top of your dresser (Cats love to sleep on your clothes).  Brushing your cats with a special comb like a shedding blade (see photo below) 1-2 times a week will help a lot!  Get your cat accustom to the comb by combing for only short periods of time.  Soon your cat(s) will enjoy this grooming process but be carful to comb gently.  There are also other kinds of grooming combs and brushes for cats.

This is a shedding blade pictured below.  The small teeth help grab and remove the undercoat but you must be careful not to comb too hard or you will cut and break the coat.

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