What do vets know about dog food?

What do vets know about dog food?

Last updated 5/18/15, Originally posted on 5/18/15

Weekly Bible Verse: Matthew 15:27 And she said, “Yes, Lord, yet even the little dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.”

If your vet is telling you to change foods and they want you to buy only food form them, please use caution!!  Often vets are not very educated on dog foods and they want you to buy the brand of food they are selling because they make a profit off the food.  Some veterinarian schools don’t even require their students to take a nutrition course to become a vet.  Should the vet decide to take this optional course, it is often sponsored by or paid for by dog food companies so the vet will often be getting biased information!  Some dog food companies also offer free education to veterinarians or students and this is so the dog food company can promote their product!  Their are however a few great vets out there that know all about proper nutrition and are specialist on the matter, but too often most vets haven’t received a good education on nutrition.  Vets do receive general information throughout their schooling about the dogs digestive system and a little bit about nutrition but often it isn’t enough.  On a few very rare occasions, a vet is out to just make a buck off of you!  These kind of vets may not even care if you buy foods that will give your dog allergies because they want to treat your dog and make money.  You have to remember that vet school is very expensive and a vet has bills to pay.  You also must remember there are great vets that specialize in dog nutrition but most vets are NOT nutrition experts.   Be sure to see our creature tip on dog food to lean how to read ingredients for yourself and how to select a food for your dog.

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