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  1. admin says:

    Hi Kat,
    Your buck is doing one of 2 things, playing or he sees you as a threat to his does. If he is being territorial you can try offering him a treat when you go out there and only give it to him when all 4 legs are on the ground. You may not be able to break him of this, as headbutting is a natural behavior and a goat language so to speak. You can also try working with him on leash training and getting him to walk with you and not hit you. You may also consider separating him from your does.

  2. Kat says:

    We have three pygmy goats, and our buck (he’s intact and almost a year old) has started being mean, and butting me every time I go out there. Thankfully he came denubbed. I have tried grabbing and holding his head, ignoring him, and telling him no. What works is a squirt bottle, but that still doesn’t work every time. Seeing that it is the winter and gets below freezing some nights I can’t spray right him now. I don’t know how to make him stop, and he is actually starting to hurt. How can I stop the behavior? Thank you so much.

  3. admin says:

    Hello Andi,
    Bottle fed goats make great pets. As long as someone is able to help you care for them I think you would enjoy having 2 goats. Goats that were bottle fed as babies very much enjoy the company of people.

  4. Andi Becerra says:

    Hello I am disabiled in a wheel chair 80% of the time a walker the rest of the time, I stay home 95% of the time and my neigbor brings his goats over to our side to run around but he is not a loving animal person type they use for milk even thier dogs, they dont pet hug anything like that. my husband takes a chair for me to feed the goats but they are very skidish and not friendly so I ask him to please allow me to get 2 lil mini goats so I could love them and they in return could help me. do you think it would be a good thing for both the babies and myself?

  5. Paul says:

    As an Atheist goat farmer I was at first suspicious of your website, but it is very enjoyable to read and the info is spot on. I found your section on alfalfa particularly informative. Praise unto thee!

  6. admin says:

    Hello Erica,
    I would get a baby/young goat but if you have other goats you may want to get a goat that is about the same size as yours. Sometimes bigger goats bully the little ones.

  7. Erica says:

    I am about to get a new goat (female) should I get it as a baby or adult???

  8. admin says:

    Hi Devin,
    This sounds very bad, and I am so sorry this is happening. I don’t know what to tell you because only a vet can help you. Did the goat get into anything, like poison? Did he eat weeds that were poisoned? Has he been injured in anyway? Have you contacted the people that you bought him from to see if any of their goats are having the same symptoms? Be sure to keep your buck quarantined from other animals. Sadly if you can’t get him to eat or drink he won’t last long. Maybe the kindest thing you can do is put him down :( You could try contacting your local animal shelter to see if they can help or call several veterinarians to see if anyone can take him in. I’ve had to put down 2 goats in the past and it was very difficult. The goats were in very bad shape and it was the kindest thing I could do for them :(

  9. Devin says:

    I just bought a baby Boer buck, he is meant to be about 5 months old. I got him home and within a few days he was having seizures. He doesn’t eat or drink much at all. I have been giving him penicilin for the past four days but he doesn’t seem to be getting any better with the seizures, eating, drinking, etc. I don’t know what to do and I can’t afford the vet.
    Please help if you can.

    Thank you for your time,

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