Importance of Trimming Horse Hooves

Importance of Trimming Horse Hooves

Updated on  7/13/13, Originally posted on 10/1/11

Bible Verse: Proverbs: 21:31 The horse is prepared for the day of battle, But deliverance is of the LORD.

Horses’ hooves are always growing, and in the wild horses naturally wear them down.  But a horse in captivity needs a regular trimming every 6-8 weeks.

F.Y.I. Did you know that the average life span of a wild horse is around 15 years?  But, in captivity they live to be around 25 years and even older into their 30’s.  Some horses  have lived in captivity to be in their 50’s, but this is very rare.

Hoof care is very important and letting them become overgrown can damage them, and the muscles, ligaments and even joints in the legs!  Once a hoof becomes damaged it can be very costly or impossible to correct.  Horses weigh on average 900-1,500 lbs and horses with damaged hooves cannot support their own weight without pain.  If an owner of a horse does not have its hooves trimmed regularly, the horse will not be able to be ridden.

It is important to have a good farrier trim your horse’s feet (a farrier is a person that trims horses’ hooves).  Not all farriers are good.  In fact some farriers can ruin a horse’s hooves.  A good farrier is usually not the low priced farrier.  Ask your vet and other horse owner who they use, and why they use that farrier.  Then look at the horses that farrier has worked on.  Does the horse walk normal and do the legs and hooves look right?

A horse with well kept hooves is a treasure.

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