Respiratory Infections in Rodents

Respiratory Infections in Rodents

Updated on 2/23/13, Originally posted on 4/7/12

Bible Verse: Genesis 8:19 “Every animal, every creeping thing, every bird, and whatever creeps on the earth, according to their families, went out of the ark.”

The ark in this verse is referring to the Ark that Noah and his family built, and yes rodents were on that Ark too.  It is amazing how many similar legends and stories are found worldwide about a story that sounds a lot like the Noah’s Ark story.  Could this be because the world wide flood in the Bible about Noah’s Ark is true?  Yes!  Have you ever looked into the geologic evidences for the Genesis flood? Take a look at these two links

Creature Tip: One of the most common health problems in rodents are respiratory infections.  If your pet has little sneezes, sniffles and/or has loud breathing noises, chances are your pet has a respiratory infection.  Unfortunately repertory infections are extremely common, especially in rats and mice.  To help your pet breath easier use paper towels or ink free paper shreds (from your shredder) as bedding.  These are some of the best thing to use as bedding for your pet because they do not have dust particles that can irritate your pets respiratory infection.  Change your pets bedding everyday and clean the cage using mild bleach water every few days. Be sure to soak the cage for about 10 minutes with water and the little bit of bleach.  It is extremely important to rinse the cage thoroughly so it does not smell like bleach (the smell of bleach can cause more respiratory problems).  Keeping your rodents cage clean, is one of the key things to prevent and keep a respiratory infection under control.  Feces from rodents are strong smelling and dirty cages can easily cause a respiratory infection or make a respiratory infection worse.  Buy some vitamin drops with vitamin C, from a pet store, which are designed to be placed in the rodent’s water.  Follow the directions on the bottle.  For rodents with mild cases of respiratory infections, often the method described above will clear up your pet’s infection in a week or so.

If you think your pet has a respiratory infection it is always best to take your pet to a qualified vet for treatment and diagnoses.  Also please see the creature tip “Bedding for Rodents” as it relates to a rodents respiratory system too.

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