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God’s Creatures is a private party located in Apple Valley, CA.  We sometimes have animals for adoption that were rescued too.  We do not have a place for people to visit.  We only meet with people that have approved adoption applications.  If you are interested in adopting an animal on this site call 760-713-647two or e-mail your phone number to **** We do NOT ship our animals!

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Our last litter of Bichon Frise puppies was in June of 2016.  We believe in quality and not quantity therefore; we are not expecting another litter until sometime around 2019.  Please check our “Other Bichon” page as sometimes we have rescues or adult dogs looking for homes.

Bichon Frise Queen Hadassah Major AKC win April 23, 2016 Bichon Frise Boku doing Agility p1

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Mimi's and Duke's 4 Bichon Puppies 9-26-13


How to adopt one of our Dogs

If you are interested in one of our dogs you will need to send us your adoption application, by email, after you have read all the info below.  Our pups find homes fast so email us ASAP.

>>>Click Here for Adoption Application<<<

After we have reviewed your info we may call you and ask a few other questions.  Please understand that we just want the best homes for our dogs and that is why we may call you.  We care very much about our dogs and we will be selecting the owners for our dogs, that we think will give the best homes for them. Emailing us dose not necessarily mean you will be getting one of our dogs but you will defiantly be considered as a possible owner!  Please keep in mind that we only have a few dogs so even potential owners that would give a dog a great home may not get one.

Requirement to adopt one of our dogs

Male Dog Purchase Agreement      Female Dog Purchase Agreement

Our dogs are strictly for pets only and are not to be used for breeding therefore; our dogs go under contract to be spayed/neutered at 4-6 months old (exception made for a show home).  All of our dogs come with a lifetime contract that states if ever in the future you are no longer able to care for the dog that you will return them to us even if it’s years later! We want the best homes for our dogs! There are too many people out there that care nothing for their dog and breed them continually, without ever resting them, and don’t give them the proper care and love they need.  We care very much about our dogs and will NOT hand them over to just anyone that offers us money!  We have and will continue to turn anyone away that we feel will not give our dogs the best homes.  This is how committed we are to our dogs and love them!

AKC Registration Papers

All of our Bichon puppies will be registered with AKC (American Kennel Club) and most will have limited registration.  Each puppy will be given a name by us “God’s Creatures & the name that we chose here”.  You will name your puppy whatever you wish but the dog’s papers show the name we gave the pup.  Our puppies are AKC potential show puppies and we may, under the right circumstances, allow a puppy to be adopted and co owned with us to have full AKC papers.  Only dogs that are going to be shown, in AKC conformation shows, will have full papers.  Dog’s with full AKC papers will cost more.  If you adopt a puppy with limited AKC papers this means you can not breed them and get papers for their offspring.  Either way the puppies are going to be amazing family dogs!

How we raise our puppies

Our puppies are raise right here in our home with love and care.  They are raised right in our bedroom where we can keep a close eye on them and give them a lot of attention/love!  All our puppies are identified with an ID collar or ID color at all times from the moment they are born to the day they go home.  When the puppies are first born they sleep right next to our bed in their whelping kennel.  As the puppies grow and start to walk they are moved to a large 8 X 3 kennel inside our bedroom to sleep and play in.  Our puppies are kept in sanitary conditions.  Also the puppies have an outside play area when they are big enough to go outside.  The puppies will be well socialized with adults and kids, other dogs, and cats (Puppies might also get the chance to be socialized with our chickens, goats, and a horse).  We start training our puppies to use a puppy pad/newspaper at an early age (about 20 days old).  Before a puppy leaves our home they have already learned to use a potty pad.  The parents of the puppies are personal pets and live inside with their owner and have a doggy door to go outside.  We feed our dogs quality grain free food and groom them often.  We also vaccinate and de-worm all our dogs regularly.  We love our dogs and Puppies!!! Our puppies are pets and will have some show qualities as well.  Please note that we have and continue to give our puppies A LOT of attention, love, and care!  You will be getting a wonderful, sweet, happy, very well socialized, and healthy puppy!

Puppy Deposit/Fees

Fee: Our prices range from $2,000-$3,000 each puppy.  Why do our dogs cost this much?  Because they are top of the line and both parents are show dogs with health testing done.  ex-rays are done our the parents and forwarded to an Orthopedic specialist to grade their hips.  Eyes are dilated to check for diseases, patellas are check by a special certified vet, and more!    These are not just your average puppies but healthy puppies that are the offspring of quality healthy Bichons.  If you want a true Bichon why settle for anything less?  We have spent thousands of dollars on our Bichons to make sure we produces the best Bichon Frise puppies possible.  Health testing is not cheap and showing dogs is also very costly but we feel these things are important before breeding any dog.  Due to popular demand, our females cost more than our males (females are just more fun to dress up lol).  Pick of the litter, whether it’s a male or female will also cost more.  Show homes also cost more and pet homes cost less.  We produce potential show puppies and all come with AKC papers.  Our dogs have great bloodlines and both mom and dad have been in the show ring and have won many ribbons under many judges and points!

Deposit: After you send in your adoption application, and if you are approved, you will then place down a $100 deposit to be added to our waiting list.  Should it be that when the puppies are born that we don’t have a dog for you, then the $100 deposit will be refunded in full.  When the puppies are born we will take an additional deposits for the available puppies of $900.00 = $1,000.00 total, this will hold your puppy until he/she is ready to go home.  We know our puppies better than anyone else, and we will have the final say as to what puppy you adopt according to your price range and sex you have requested.  Bichon Frise puppies are all white and most people can’t even tell them apart and visiting them for an hour or two does not allow enough time to decipher the differences between each puppy’s personality.  This is why we help you pick out a puppy.   At about 6-9 weeks old, we will pick out your puppy.  We do our best to accommodate your wishes about what puppy you would like. You must keep in mind that every puppy has a different personality and you are not able to view them 24 hours a day 7 days a week like can.  We match up our puppies with their new family according to kind of home you have to offer them.  Some puppies will do better in more active homes with children and playful dogs, while other puppies will do best in a more calm environment with older children and calmer dogs.  A contract agreement must be signed at the time the deposit is placed.  Deposits are nonrefundable should you change your mind about wanting a puppy (this is to off set our time and money to find a new owner).  Deposits must be made in cash and in person so we can meet you face to face and answer any questions you may have.  We care very much about the homes our puppies go to.  The remaining balance must also be paid in cash on the day your puppy goes home with you.

When can I meet my Puppy?

For health reasons NO visitors will be allowed to see our puppies until after they have had their first vaccine at 6 weeks and 5 days after the vaccine was given.  We do post photos of the puppies on the website from time to time so you can see how they grow.  We also post videos on Facebook.  Visitors that have gone through the application processes, are welcome to come meet our adult dogs any time of the year as long as our dam has not had puppies yet.  We care a lot about our dogs and do our best to keep them safe from illnesses that can travel around on peoples shoes and clothing and that is why we have these rules.

Photos & Availability of Puppies

Visit the nursery page here or Photos of puppies from last litter here

What’s included in the price

AKC Papers (most dogs will have limited registration and some full registration)

Puppies will have preventative de-wormer given several times before they go home

They will come with their fist vaccines

Puppies will have their Dewclaws removed

Our dogs will be professionally groomed and given a mini haircut

Each dog comes with a Dish




Dog Food

Care instructions

Health records

72 hour Health Guarantee (see contract)

A well checkup before your puppy goes home is also available by our Veterinarian for an additional cost of $75.00.

When will the puppies be ready?

The puppies will be ready to go home with you when they are about 8-12 weeks old (they will NOT go home before 8 weeks so don’t even think about asking!).


We are located in Apple Valley California >>>Click here to see a map of Apple Valley<<< (Apple Valley is located about one and a half hours from LA).


For the health and safety of our dogs, we will NOT ship them.  Putting a dog under a plain is very stressful on them and also they are not handled and moved about with care.  Sure we could make money shipping our dogs all around but we don’t because our standards are high and love for our dogs is great.  You are welcome to fly out to us but we will NEVER put a dog on a plain alone.  We want to meet you in person before you take one of our babies home.

About the Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is small, sturdy, and a happy dog.  The ideal size of a Bichon Frise is between 9½ and 11½ inches tall at the shoulder, however they can be as small as 9 inches or as tall as 12 inches at the shoulder. on average, they weigh about 8-17 lbs depending on how tall and long they are.  As an adult, they have an outer coat with a soft under coat. The tail is carried merrily over their backs. The Bichon can adapt well to all kinds of homes from the farm to the apartment.  Two thing all Bichons must have is constant companionship with people and frequent grooming! This is not the kind of dog you leave in the backyard all day. They thrive as an indoor pet and LOVE people! The Bichon is great with children but small children should always be supervised to make sure they do not hurt the dog. The Bichon has a coat that is constantly growing just like a persons hair does. The Bichon is considered hypoallergenic and non shedding so they are the perfect breed for those that have allergies. The Bichon has very little oil on their skin compared to other breeds so the Bichon stays cleaner longer and does not smell bad like most breeds. A bath every 2-4 weeks will keep your Bichon smelling great. A full professional haircut is needed every 5-8 weeks and daily brushing at home is advised to keep the coat mat free. Bichons live into their late teens and sometimes they live to be 20-25 years with proper care. The Bichon has very little genetic health problems and are considered a healthy breed. Bichons have funny short bursts of energy that will make you laugh but then the next moment they will be sitting in your lap falling asleep.  The Bichon puppy is a happy playful little ball of cotton that will follow you around the house, and there is nothing they would rather do than be with you all day long!  You will absolutely love the Bichon Frise and have many years with them as a beloved family pet.  The only bad habit some Bichon develop is, they are stubborn for the beginner dog owner to potty train.  This is why we start potty taring our pups at just 20 days old so their new owners will have a great starting point.  As long as you are dedicated and have the time you won’t have any problems potty training.  If you are new to potty training a puppy, you will need to go to training classes to teach you and your puppy.  Training classes are great as they give you the help and motivation both you and your puppy need to be successful.

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