Pygmy Nigerian Goats

God’s Creatures is a private breeder located in Apple Valley, CA.  We also sometimes have animals for adoption that we rescued.  If you are interested in adopting an animal on this site call 760-713-647two or e-mail your phone number to **** We do NOT ship our animals!

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Available Kids & Adults

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Upcoming Kidding

We have new kids born as of Septemer 2017!

Place your deposit down now as our kids sell very fast and often before they are even born! Kids will be ready about 8 weeks from their birth.

Photos of our 2017 kids

Nigerian Dwarf Nubian Wether goat kid Born 9-2-17 from Sparky and Marzia left side view Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf Wether 2nd Born 9-3-17 from Prancer and Sasha left side view

Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf Doe 3rd Born 9-3-17 from Prancer and Sasha left side view Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf Doe 1st Born 9-3-17 from Prancer and Sasha left side view

Photos of our 2016 kids

  Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf buck kid born 4-13-16 right side view Older Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf buck kid born 4-14-16 left side view

Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf doe kid born 4-13-16 right side view Younger Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf buck kid born 4-14-16 left side view

Photos of our 2015 kids

Leah and Parancers Girl 1st born 5-23-15 p2 Leah and Pancers Boy 2nd born 5-23-15 p1

Sasha and Prancers Girl 1st born 5-22-15 p1 Sasha and Prancers boy 2nd born 5-22-15 p2

Overview About Pygmy Nigerian Goats

Adorably cute, small, friendly pets and they help with the weeds too! You can even teach them to do tricks! For example we have trained goats to do agility just like a dog! They do a jump, tunnel, teeter-totter, and balance beam. It is very fun to watch them. We have also trained some of our goats to shake hands and pick up a pen. Some of our goats from the past have even been potty trained! Goats like to live in herds of 2 or more. Goats can walk on a leash with training like a dog. Bottle fed goats make the best pets; goats that have not been bottle fed can be very scared of people and do not make good pets (we bottle feed our goats!). Wethers (castrated boy goats) make the best pets! Bucks (boy goat that have NOT been castrated) are very smelly. Does (girl goats) also make great pets!


Adoption Application

If you are interested in getting one of our Pygmy/Nigerian goats email your adoption application to us.  Our kids sell fast so it is recommend you contact us ASAP.  Due to bad experiences with people not understanding that a goat is a heard animal, we will no longer let a single kid be adopted unless you already have another goat!  We have explained numerous times to people that a single kid will be very demanding on the owner’s time and need almost constant attention.  The owners just never seem to truly understand until it’s too late and the goat becomes very distressed!  Goats are naturally a heard animal and we will not adopt our a kid by itself!

>>Adoption Application Here<<

If you want to buy one of our Pygmy Nigerian goats to eat you are wasting your time because our goats are not for food and we will not sell you one!  (We will however sell Boer goats for meat but only because people have to eat too and deserve healthy home grown food.)  Please note that we select the owners for our goats. Emailing us dose not necessarily mean you will be getting one of our goats but you will defiantly be considered as a possible owner!

Prices and Depost

Pygmy Nigerian Does: $300.00-$375.00 each

Pygmy Nigerian Bucks/Wethers: $275.00-$325.00 each

Registared Pygmy or Nigerian goats $400 and up

All deposits are $150 per kid (unless you want a buck, or horned goat, then you must pay in full).  All bucks will be banded at about 6 weeks so if you want a buck you will need to place your deposit down before this otherwise they will be wethers. We are unable to hold any kids without a deposit!  Our kids sell very fast so deposits are necessary if you want a kid as we only have a few kids available a year (we only breed once a year).

What’s included in the price

Our goats are de-horned so they are safe for children and will not be destructive.

Our goats are bottle fed so they will be very friendly and love people!

Our bucks will be banded at about 6 weeks so they will not be stinky as an adult, and also they won’t impregnate a doe. If you want a buck you will need to place your deposit down before the kid is 6 weeks otherwise they will be wethers.

Each goat is vaccinated

Each goat is de-wormed

Each kid comes with a birth certificate from God’s Creatures

Care instructions

Health Guarantee

How we raise our kids

Our goats are raise right here on our small farm with love and care.  We bottle feed our kids so they will bond with humans!  We are against feeding man made formula because they are not as nutritious as the fresh, rich, and creamy milk that God has created the mother goat to make.  Thus every kid is bottle fed with their own mother’s milk so they receive the proper nutrition.  This means we take the time to milk the kids mom and then bottle feed the kids.  We also allow our does to bond with their kids and do not just take them away so we can bottle feed them (the kids are allowed to nurse off of mom too).  We spend lots of time with our goats because we are that dedicated to making sure they will become the best pet goats ever for your family!  Your new baby will have spent hours with us and be extremely well socialized and cared for before going home with you!  We also vaccinate our does a month before they kid so the kids are protected against disease right when they are born.  We de-worm our goats regularly.  We slowly wean our kids and finish weaning them at about 7 weeks of age and send them home at about 8 weeks.  Doing this allows our kids to be completely use to eating hay when sent home; they will NOT have to endure an upset stomach while also adjusting to their new environment!  Our goal is to produce the best pet goats ever!  Due to the high demand for our healthy adorable kids, as of October 2013 we now have another ranch here in Apple Valley CA working with us to expand our herd and offer more kids a year without over breeding our does.  We have personally know this family run ranch in Apple Valley for over 10 years and they love their goats as much as we love ours!  Our does are bred once a year thus allowing them to live a happy healthy life!

When will the Kids be ready?

Most kids are ready to go home when they are 8 weeks old.


We are located in Apple Valley, California (Apple Valley is located about one and a half hours from LA).  At this time we do NOT ship our goats!  We want to meet you in person before you take one of our babies home.

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