Adult Pygmy Goats Available

About our Adult Goats

Occasionally we have adult goats available, but not very often.

Available Adult Goats

Last updated: September 2017

Sasha and Leah are Oreo’s kids born on May 20, 2011. Their father is Teddy.  Sasha and Leah must go to a home together and they are 100.00 each.  They are very friendly, de-horned, lovable goats!   Please send in your adoption application.

Leah the Pygmy goat

Sasha the Pygmy Goat

At this time we do not have any other adult goats available.

4 Responses to Adult Pygmy Goats Available

  1. admin says:

    Hi Diane,
    As of April 13, 2014 we have 1 doe and 1 buck/wether available. Both are babies see the “Nursery” page for more info.

  2. Diane says:


    Do you have an kids available now?

  3. admin says:

    Hello Vinh,
    At this time we do not have anymore goats available. Please check back with us in April 2014.

  4. Vinh says:

    Do you have any pygmie goats for sale?

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