Buck Goat Purchase Agreement

God’s Creatures Buck Purchase Agreement

 Breed of Pet: Goat, Pygmy/Nigerian    Gender of Pet: Buck    Date of Birth: ***

 Markings on Goat: *************************                                            Photo of goat:

I acknowledge that I am putting a NON-REFUNDABLE cash deposit of $***.** on a buck goat.  Returned checks will be charged an additional fee of $35.00.

I understand that once I choose my goat, the goat I have chosen is mine and cannot be “exchanged.”  I understand that this goat will be de-horned but I also understand that there is the possibility that scurs may grow.

I acknowledge that my goat will not be allowed to leave the premises of God’s Creatures until three things are compete:

The goat must be 8 weeks old (or at sellers discretion)

The goat must be weaned (or at sellers discretion)

The remaining balance is paid in full

The last payment must be made in cash on the day I take my goat home.

I understand that my goat must be picked up and paid in full by the time the goat is 9 weeks old. If my goat is not picked up and paid in full by this time, $10.00 will be charged every day after. This additional fee must be paid, as well as the remaining balance, before the goat leaves the premises of God’s Creatures. If the goat has still not been picked up and paid in full by the time the goat is 10 weeks old the goat and the deposit is forfeited.

In the unlikely event that your goat should die, while it is still in the possession of the seller, at sellers option, the goat will be replace with another doe as soon as one is available or a full refund will be given.

“This goat will reside in my home as a pet. I will provide this goat with adequate food, water, shelter, affection, and medical care. ” _____________ (Adopter’s initials)

The seller is not responsible for acclimation of your goat in your home or any other place. For example, other animals not getting along with the goat, you are not zoned for goats, ex cetera. These are issues that need to be considered before acquiring a goat. God’s Creatures can not guarantee the size or color of this goat as an adult.

The seller is also not responsible for any health issues that should arise after a 48 hour period when the goat has left the seller’s premises. The adopter will have 48 hours to take the goat to a licensed veterinarian that cares for goats, at the adopters own expense. Should there be any health problems found by the vet, a refund of $**.** will be given back to the adopter, but only if the goat is returned to the seller within a 24 hour period, from the vet’s diagnoses, along with all the paper work from the vet’s office explaining the health issue(s). The vet bills and or any other expenses will not be reimbursed.

I understand the statutes set forth in the purchase agreement and will abide by them.

Adopter’s Signature                                 Seller’s Signature

_________________        _________________    Date  Signed__________

Witness Signature __________________

Full purchase price of goat $**.**

Date the goat was picked up_________    Time the goat was picked up__________

Adopter’s Signature at pick up                                    Seller’s Signature at pick up

___________________________        ___________________________

Witness Signature at pick up ___________________________


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Adopter’s First Name                                                        Adopter’s Last Name

_________________________     _________________________


Adopter’s Address that the goat will live at



Adopter’s Home Phone    (          )                  –                   Cell Phone (          )                  –

Adopter’s E-mail Address  ________________________________________

Do you own or rent your home?    Rent   Own

If you rent a home do you have permission to keep a goat?    Yes   No

Are you zoned for a goat?    Yes   No

How many goat are you zoned for?  ________

Do you have a fenced in yard?    Yes   No

I hereby certify that the above information is true and accurate.

Adopter’s Signature