Dams & Sires

Our Little heard

Photos of our Sire

Prancer the Registered NPGA Pygmy

Prancer as a baby (photo form the spring of 2014)Prancer the Registered Pygmy Buck Kid p1

Prancer as a youth (photo from Summer 2015)

Prancer Registered Pygmy Buck

Prancer as an adult (photo taken May 2017)

Prancer NPGA Registered Pygmy Buck photo from May 2016

Highlight at withers: 19″ Tall approximately

Weighs: approxamatly 50lb

Owner: God’s Creatures

Notes: This little guy is registered with the National Pygmy Goat Association.

Photos of our Dams

Leah the Pygmy Nigerian

Highlight at withers: 20” tall approximately

Weighs: 47 lbs approximately

Owner: God’s Creatures

If you would like to see Leah’s mother and father click this link

Sasha the Pygmy Nigerian

Highlight at withers: 21” tall approximately 

Weighs: 49 lbs approximately

Owner: God’s Creatures

If you would like to see Sasha’s mother and father click this link

Photos of Goats Outside our herd

Photos of Sires

Sparky the Registered Nigerian Dwarf

Nigerian Dwarf Buck Sparky born 1-29-12

Owner: Sparky belongs to a the Farm Snowdale Acres that we work with in Phelan, CA

Photos of Dams

Marzia the Nigerian Dwarf Nubian

Nigerian Dwarf Nubian Doe Marzia Born 2015

Owner: Marzia belongs to a Zephy’s Homestead that we work with here in Apple Valley, CA

Photos of our Sires from the past

This is Bucky, one of our Pygmy bucks

Bucky is approximately 25” tall (measurement taken at the withers)

Bucky weighs approximately 79 lbs

This is Teddy, he is one of our bucks

Teddy is approximately 20” tall (measurement taken at the withers)

Teddy weighs approximately 58 lbs

2 Responses to Dams & Sires

  1. admin says:

    Hello Barb,
    The best age to start breeding goats is at 18 months. How old are your goats and have they been bred before in the past? Remember that any time you breed an animal there is always the possibility that the animal may need emergency veterinarian help and the animal may even die due to complications. Extra money on hand is a must and a good vet. You must ask yourself if this is something you are ready to deal with mentally and financially? Also there is a little bit of a special diet and a certain time to vaccinate the doe during her pregnancy. Please read our goat info under the page “Animal Info”. Read the info under “Complete Care Guides” and also read the “Creature Tips IN-Depth” for goats.

  2. Barb Maynard says:

    Hello. I have two twin pygmy goats (female), which one of our neighbors bought from a breeder in Apple Valley (I have now inherited them!) – her name is Julie Hatch in case that rings a bell? I’m thinking of breeding one of them and have no idea how to go about that. She is only a few years old, so presumably this is possible??? Thank you.

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