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The American Kennel Club has 175+ recognized dog breeds!  There are in addition to the 175+ dog breeds, may mix breeds and rare dog breeds that are not recognized by AKC.  Now that is a lot of dogs!!!  Our groomer can groom any dog breed.  It’s true that our groomer has not groomed all the 175+ AKC recognized dog breeds but our groomer has seen in person most of the breeds at AKC conformation dog shows.  Our groomer may not be able to give show cuts on every breed that requires a trim or hand stripping,  but our groomer can groom any breed in any pet trim or pet hand strip.    If you are wanting a special show style on your dog talk with our groomer and they will be able to work with you.  If your dog is not a show dog, our groomer can talk with you and give you may style options for your beloved dog.  If your dog does not require a hair cut or hand stripping, our groomer will be happy to bathe your dog, trim their nails, and do all the other things that are important with grooming of any kind of dog.

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