Maltese before and after photos.

Please note the reason why this dog was shaved down was because this Maltese was very matted.

Before           After

Maltese Before Grooming front viewAfter grooming front view

Before grooming left side viewAfter grooming left side view

Before grooming right side view After grooming right side view

Casper The Maltese

3 Responses to Maltese

  1. admin says:

    Yes, people need to brush their dogs with high maintenance coats. If anyone out there has a dog with matted fur, don’t be embarrassed to get professional help; make a grooming appointment today with your local groomer. This is the best thing you can do for your dog.

  2. pupscrubber says:

    Remember to brush your high maintenance coats people. Looks good groomer!

  3. Dog Dryer says:

    Nice grooming your dog have this makes him more cute than the before photo. 😀

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