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Do you have a dirty smelly rat or Guinea Pig? How about those nails? Are they sharper than needles? Pamper your pet for the sake of its health.


Package Deal

Bath and nail clipping for 15.00-20.00

Individual Prices  

Just the Nails 10.00

Just a Bath 12.00

Prices are subject to change at any time and without notice. Extra money may be charged for rodents that do not cooperate for their grooming.

Your rat or Guinea Pig should be bathed every 2-5 weeks and nails should be trimmed about every 2-3 weeks. Grooming promotes healthy skin and keeps nails in check so they don’t become over grown.  Over grown nails can get caught on things and sometimes break off causing bleeding and pain.  Also sharp nails will cut you!

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How to make an appointment

 Call 760-71DOGS2 (760-713-6472) or send an email with your phone number to

10% off

Every time you refer a friend you will receive 10% off any one grooming service, after your friend’s pet has been groomed.  Not valid with any other offer.  Good for a one time use.

If you like us on facebook we will give you 10% off any one grooming service!   Not valid with any other offer.  Good for a one time use.

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