Christmas Winners 11


to the 2011 Christmas photo contest winners!


Thanks to all who has participated.  The way this contest worked was anyone was allowed to vote one time on any one of the 13 entered photos.  Every vote counted as 1 vote however; for those that liked our Grooming page on Facebook their 1 vote counted as 5 votes.  The voters decided the top 3 winners but the grand winner was chosen by us.  In this contest we had a total of 43 voters that voted 147 times altogether.


Grand Winner!

This is the judges favorite photo out of the 13 that were entered. 

Photo #8

Sent by: Bonnie & Beth Abelew of New York

Pets Names: Aladdin and Phoenix

Breed: Golden Retrievers

Pets Ages: 9 years old & 5 years old

Caption: Phoenix is an old-fashioned fellow, going for a ride on a one-horse open sleigh, pulled by his dashing horse Aladdin.


1st Place Winner!

72 votes from 16 voters

Photo #11

Sent by: Jennifer Garcia of California

Pets Names: Casper (Top left), Charlie (Top right), Lolly (Bottom left), & Cow Girl (Bottom right)

Breeds: Poodle Bichon Mix, Pug Terrier Mix, St. Bernard, & Chow Lab Mix

Pets Ages: 3, 6, 4, & 15 years old

Caption: ”Time to tell Santa what they want for Christmas!!”


2nd Place Winner! 

43 votes from 10 voters

Photo #9

Sent by: Andrew Belmontez of Arizona

Pets Name: Mia Bella

Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux

Pets Age: 10 1/2 months old

Caption: Not to happy about Dad dressing me up as a reindeer…


3rd Place Winner!

12 votes from 8 voters

Photo #13


Sent by: Leslie of Arizona

Pets Name: Taytay a.k.a Tay 

Breed: Pit Bull

Pets Age: 2 1/2 years old

Caption: We’re Miami Dolphin fans and it’s been a long year – look @ her face!

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