Christmas Winners 12


Thanks to all who participated!  The way this contest worked was anyone was allowed to vote one time on any one of the 6 entered photos.  Also every time a person left a comment on a photo on our Facebook Page, that photo received one more vote.  The voters decided the top 3 winners and the grand winner was chosen by us.  In this contest we had a total of 2 votes from our website and 0 votes from Facebook.



to the 2012 Christmas winners!

Grand Winner!

This is the judges favorite photo out of the 6 that were entered.

Photo #1

Sent by: Cindy Joyce of Nevada

Pet’s Name: Tiger Lily

Breed of Pet: Tabby Cat

Pets Age: 3 Year’s Old



1st Place Winner!

2 votes from this website + 0 votes from facebook = 2 votes

Photo #4

Sent by: Jeanine Miller of Illinois

Pet’s Name: Rufus

Breed of Pet: Mastiff Pit mix aka Mutt

Pets Age: 2 1/2

Caption: Santa Rufus

2nd Place Winner!

0 votes from this website + 0 votes from facebook = 0 votes

Photo #5

Sent By:  Jerry Dilliard of Texas

Pet’s Name: “Pat the Cat” meets “Zeus the Moose”

Breed of Pet: Domesticated Long Hair & Lab/Border Collie mix

Pets Age: Pat 8 weeks old at the time of this picture and Zeus 8 years old

Caption:  “Merry Christmas to me!


3rd Place Winner!

0 votes from this website + 0 votes from facebook = 0 votes

Photo #6

Sent by: Ashley Shrader of California

Pet’s Name: Louise

Breed of Pet: Mini Dachshund

Pets Age: 6 Years old

Caption: Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

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