Christmas Winners 13

2013 Christmas Photo Contest Winners

Thanks to all who participated.  The way this contest worked was anyone was allowed to vote one time, per email address, on any one of the 14 photos entered by leaving a comment on our website.  Also every time a person liked a photo on our Facebook Page, that photo received a vote each and every time the like button was hit.  The voters decided the top 3 winners and the grand winner was chosen by us.  In this contest we had a total of 5 votes from our website and 43 votes from Facebook.



to the 2013 Christmas winners!


Grand Winner Photo #1!

This is the photo the judges picked out of the 14 that were entered.

Pet’s Names Phoenix & Gryphon Breed of Pets Golden Retrievers p1

Sent by: Bonnie and Beth of New York

Pet’s Names: Phoenix & Gryphon

Breed of Pets: Golden Retrievers

Pets Age: Phoenix is 6 years old and Gryphon is 8 weeks old in this photo

Caption: Phoenix is Ebenezer Scrooge with puppy Gryphon as little Tiny Tim. It is the part of “The Christmas Carol” where Scrooge changes his ways, and goes to see Tiny Tim, who says “God Bless Us Everyone!”.


1st Place Winner Photo #12!

The voters picked this photo.

3 votes from this website + 12 votes from facebook = 15 votes

Pet's Name: Katie Jean Breed of Pet: Bichon Frise

Sent by: Donna of California

Pet’s Name: Katie Jean

Breed of Pet: Bichon Frise

Pets Age: 8 1/2 months old

Caption: Katie’s first Christmas (I found Santa!!)


2nd Place Winner Photo #6!

The voters picked this photo.

0 votes from this website + 8 votes from facebook = 8 votes

Pet's Name: Tiger Breed of Pet: Domestic Short Haired Tabby

Sent by: Suzanne Crittenden of Wisconsin

Pet’s Name: Tiger

Breed of Pet: Domestic Short Haired Tabby

Pets Age:  Born May 2nd 2012

Caption: Our “Tiger” thinks he is a Christmas ornament!!


3rd Place Winner Photo #3!

The voters picked this photo.

0 votes from this website + 7 votes from facebook = 7 votes

Pet's Name: Jackson Breed: Quarter Horse p1

Sent by: Kelly Kelley of Southern Illinois

Pet’s Name: This is my daughter Kenna Belle (22mo old) and her sweet horse Jackson

Breed of Pet: Quarter Horse

Pets Age: 12 years old

Caption: Merry Christmas from the Kelley Ranch! Everyone needs a Christmas Hug like this!

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