Current Contest

Our Photo contest have currently been placed on hold.

Feel free to brows our past photo contest winners for fun.

6 Responses to Current Contest

  1. Eric says:

    Photo #12

    Sent by Eric of California

    Comment: #12 is my choice

  2. Cryss says:

    Adorable! All are Winners!

  3. Diane Van Boxtel says:

    Photo #12

    Vote submitted by Diane Van Boxtel of Wisconsin

    Comment:……who won’t want this cutie for a best friend.

  4. Donna Templin says:

    Photo #12

    Vote submitted by Donna Templin of California

    I’m voting for Photo #12, Katie Jean. All of the entries are adorable but my little Katie Jean….so cute and ready for Christmas. She is so smart; she found Santa right after he came down the Chimney!

  5. Jennifer Garcia says:

    Photo #10

    Vote submitted by Jennifer Garcia of California

    Comment: I love these little guys but most of all the surprise of finding them in the coop during our cold winter days, we were definitely not expecting Christmas chicks.

  6. Cindy Joyce says:

    Photo# 1

    Vote submitted by Cindy Joyce of Nevada

    Comments: It saw so difficult to vote for just 1 photo, as they ALL are winners, but I LOVE the story, in this pic!! GOOD LUCK!! :)

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