Easter Winners 09

Congratulations to the 3 Easter Photo Contest winners of 2009!

Thanks to all who participated. The most points you could get was 50. It was a close competition!




1st Place

Quality 10      Action 9      Cute 9.5      Photo fits theme 6      Caption fit photo 9.5      Total 42Nona

Sent by: Ann of California

Name: Nona

Breed: Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

Age: late teens early twenties

Caption: Nona loves the outdoors and is absolutely enthralled by the spring flowers. In this photo she just had to have one and wouldn’t leave me alone until I picked one for her.




2nd Place

Quality 9      Action 8      Cute 9      Photo fits theme 7      Caption fit photo 7.5      Total 40.5Sadie

Sent by: Michelle of California

Name: Sadie

Breed: Bulldog

Age: 8 weeks old

Caption: This is Sadie, She is all dressed up for Easter Sunday in her new hat, she can hardly wait till that little bunny show’s up, but until then she will just chew on her bouquet…




3rd Place

Quality 6    Action 6    Cute 8    Photo fits theme 9.5    Caption fit photo 9.5    Total 39Shazzy

Sent by: Jaimie of New York

Name: Shazzy

Breed: Lab/Spaniel

Age: 4 months old

Caption: Shazzy Bunny

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