Easter Winners 10

Congratulations to the top 3 Easter Photo Contest winners 2010!


Thanks to all who participated. The most points you could get was 50. It was a close competition!


1st Place Winner!

Quality 9    Action Captured 8.5    Cute 10    Photo fit Theme 10    Caption fit Photo 8

 Total 45.5

Pet's Name: Sugar

Sent by: Lorraine Dingle of California

Pets Name: Sugar

Breed:  Chihuahua

Pets Age: 8 weeks old

Caption: “I’m ready for Easter!”



2nd Place Winner!

 Quality 9    Action Captured 6.5    Cute 10    Photo fit Theme 10    Caption fit Photo 9.5

Total 45 

Pet's Name: Button

Sent by: Joanna Smith of Colorado

Pets Name: Tansy Button

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Pets Age: 3 years old

Caption: This picture is Tansy getting ready for Easter.  She has the eggs filled and has been working hard!  Looks like she decided it was time for an Easter snooze with her friends.  



3rd Place Winner!

 Quality 9    Action Captured 7    Cute 8    Photo fit Theme 10    Caption fit Photo 9

Total 43


Pet's Name: Bunny


Sent by: Sabrina Dingle of California
Pets Name: Bunny

Breed:  Lop-eared rabbit

Pets Age: 8 months old

Caption: “Who left these pretty things?”


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