Easter Winners 11


Congratulations to the top 3


Easter Winners of 2011!



Thanks to all who participated.  The way this contests worked was anyone was allowed to vote one time on any one of the 19 photo.  In this contest we had a total of 93 voters.


1st Place Winner!

 56 votes

Sent by: Gin of Arizona

Pets Name: Bailey

Breed: Miniature ShihTzu

Pets Ages: 4 years

Caption: I’m happily surrounded by bunny and chick friends and get to wear my new Easter shirt too.


2nd Place Winner!


25 votes


Sent by: Raynelle of Florida

Pets Name: KNUT

Breed: Maltese/Bichon Mix (maltichon)

Pets Age: 6 months

Caption: My first Easter, I just happen to have Easter Bunny Toys to show off, that’s me “Cute Knut!” Happy Easter Bunny to All God’s Creatures! Alleluia!”


 3rd Place Winner!


3 votes


Sent by: Shannon Roberts of California

Pets Name: ”Dusty Wild”

Breed: American Paint Quarter Horse

Pets Age: 13 years

Caption: This is Dusty sporting a nice big smile for all to see!

4 Responses to Easter Winners 11

  1. James Davis says:

    Could that be Mr. Ed’s grandson? hahahaha

  2. Lynn TAtro says:

    Congratulations Bailey! Cutest dog on the planet!

  3. Sharon Mayhew says:

    Congratulations to the winners! Very cute photos!

  4. Gin says:

    Bailey and I would like to thank each one of you from the bottom of our heart
    for taking the time to not only vote, but go back and confirm your vote. All of the pets were adorable, and besides Bailey we really liked #9 Lola and #19, Dopey.
    Both had such darling faces. Every pet entered was beautiful in their own way!

    Thanks again,

    Gin and Bailey First place winner!

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