Summer Winners 09

Congratulations to the 3 Summer Photo Contest winners of 2009!

Thanks to all who participated. The most points you could get was 50.





1st Place

Quality 10      Action 9      Cute 10      Photo fits theme 9.9      Caption fit photo 10      Total 48.9Wiggles

Sent by: Brygida of Florida

Pets Name: Wiggles

Breed: Minature Chihuahua

Age: 3.5 years

Caption: Pampered Wiggles is taking a rest by the Intracoastal.





2nd Place

Quality 8.9      Action 10      Cute 9.8      Photo fits theme 10      Caption fit photo 10      Total 48.7Kelsey

Sent by: Carolyn of California

Pets Name: Kelsey

Breed: Hound Mix

Age: 5 and a half years

Caption: Yippee! Here I come!





3rd Place

Quality 9.2      Action 10      Cute 9.3      Photo fits theme 9.7      Caption fit photo 10      Total 48.2Copy of Harley

Sent by: Sharon of California

Pets Name: Harley

Breed: Military Macaw

Age: 2 years

Caption: There’s nothing more refreshing than a Yoohoo and Sunshine


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