Summer Winners 10

Congratulations to the top 3 Summer Photo Contest winners 2010!


Thanks to all who participated and we hope to see your photos in our next contest. The most points you could get was 50. It was a close competition!


1st Place Winner!

Quality 10    Action Captured 7    Cute 10    Photo fit Theme 9.5    Caption fit Photo 9.5

 Total 46

Pets Name: Molly

Sent by: Tamara Davis, of California

Pets Name: Molly

Breed: Maine Coon Mix

Pets Age: 4 weeks

Caption: Awwww, nothing like the smell of fresh flowers.



2nd Place Winner!

 Quality 8    Action Captured 7    Cute 9    Photo fit Theme 9    Caption fit Photo 10

Total 43

Pets name: Oreo

Sent by: Karen, of California

Pets Name: Oreo

Breed: Toy Poodle

Pets Age: 3 years

Caption: Fishing by the lake



3rd Place Winner!

 Quality 8   Action Captured 10    Cute 7    Photo fit Theme 9    Caption fit Photo 8.5

Total 42.5

 Pets Name: Brynna

Sent by: Barbara Linsley, of New York

Pets Name: Brynna

Breed: Border Collie

Pets Age: 10 years

Caption: The courage to jump blind.

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