Valentine Winners 10

Congratulations to the 3 Valentine Photo Contest  winners of 2010





Thanks to all who participated. The most points you could get was 50.


1st Place Winner!

 Quality 10    Action Captured 10    Cute 8    Photo fit Theme 6.5    Caption fit Photo 10

 Total 44.5

Fianna (left) & Dazzey (right)

 Sent by: Michelle J. of California

Pets name: Fianna (left) & Dazzey (right)

Breed: Irish Woflhound & Mixed Breed

Pets Age:

Caption: No way I’m wearing that.


2nd Place Winner!

 Quality 9.5    Action Captured 10    Cute 6.5    Photo fit Theme 8    Caption fit Photo 10

Total 44

Pets name: Daisy

Sent by: Trisha Snyder of California

Pets name: Daisy

Breed: Saint Bernard

Pets Age: 2  1/2 years old

Caption: Valentine’s Kisses from Daisy!


3rd Place Winner!

 Quality 6    Action Captured 7.5    Cute 7    Photo fit Theme 10    Caption fit Photo 10

Total 40.5



Sent by: Jessica Gamez of California

Pets name:

Breed: Black Short Haired

Pets Age: 2 years old

Caption: “purrr-fect little cupid helper”


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