Valentine Winners 12


to the 2012 Valentine’s Day winners!


Thanks to all who has participated.  The way this contest worked was anyone was allowed to vote one time on any one of the 14 entered photos.  Every vote counted as 1 vote however; for those that liked our Grooming Page on Facebook their 1 vote counted as 5 votes.  The voters decided the top 3 winners but the grand winner was chosen by us.  In this contest we had a total of 27 voters that voted 87 times altogether.


Grand Winner!

This is the judges favorite photo out of the 14 that were entered.

Photo #13

Sent by: Holliana of California

Pet’s Name: Onyx (left) Piper (right)

Breed: German Shepherd/Husky Mix and German Shepherd

Pet’s Age: 6 months old and 3 months old

Caption: Definitely in the valentine spirit.


1st Place Winner!

20 votes from 4 voters 

Photo #3

Sent by: Amanda Benzien of California

Pet’s Name: Polly

Breed: Chihuahua/Pomeranian Mix

Pet’s Age: 1  1/2 years old

Caption: “And the greatest of these is Love…” 1 Corinthians 13:13


2nd Place Winner! 

19 votes from 7 voters

Photo #14

 Sent by: Ashley Shrader of California

Pet’s Name: Cooper

Breed: Dachshund Mix

Pet’s Age: 9 months old

Caption: Won’t you be my Valentine?


3rd Place Winner!

14 votes from 6 voters

Photo #9

Sent by: Lorraine Dingle of California

Pet’s Name: Bubba

Breed: English Bulldog

Pet’s Age: 1 year old

Caption: “Is this really a face only mother could love?”

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