Rescued Animals

Welcome to our rescue page!

We have many stories to share with you and are always working on adding more to this page as they unfold.  God has done some great amazing things with the people that have crossed our paths all because of an animal that needed help and or was lost.

Here you will find happy stories on animals we have rescued and helped over the years.  We have also received help from some of our great friends and of of course from the families that adopted animals from us.  We do our rescuing privately, we are NOT a rescue.  Sometimes God just puts us at the right location at the right time.  We have been rescuing animals since 2006.  We are not able to take in every animal in need that crosses our path but we are often able to help animals directly or else offer support to the animal by finding someone else to help them.  Our first priority is to reunite an animal with it’s owner if it has one.  Our next step is to evaluate the animal.  If the animal is in fact homeless we then make sure they are healthy, vaccinated, and we do our best to make sure all dogs and cats are spayed/neutered.

Animals Needing Homes

Occasionally we have an animal needing a home.  To see if we have any please look under “Animals for Adoption” and then look under “Other Animals for Adoption”.

6 things you need to know about God’s creatures:

1. We are to take care of our animals and not be cruel to them: NKJV Proverbs 12:10 “A righteous man regards the life of his animal, But the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”

2. Animals, Fish, Birds, and Humans are NOT the same: NKJV 1 Corinthians 15:39 All flesh is not the same flesh, but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of animals, another of fish, and another of birds.

3. We, man (meaning all humans), are made in the image of God.  We are not like the animals, fish, or birds ; God has designed every person special and different from all the animals.  God placed humans over all the animals that He created: NKJV Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

4. We must remember that God has given us dominion over all the animals and it is okay for us to eat the animals if we are in need of food: NKJV Genesis 9:3 Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. I have given you all things, even as the green herbs. 4 But you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood.

5. Human life is precious and if an animal kills a human they should be put to death: NKJV Genesis 9:5 Surely for your lifeblood I will demand a reckoning; from the hand of every beast I will require it, and from the hand of man. From the hand of every man’s brother I will require the life of man. 6 “Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man.

6. Humans are more important than animals and we must not forget this. Too often people focus on rescuing animals but forget about suffering people that are in need. We are to help people around us: ERV Proverbs 24:11 If you see someone on their way to death or in danger of being killed, you must do something to save them. 12 You cannot say, “It’s none of my business.” The Lord knows everything, and he knows why you do things. He watches you, and he will pay you back for what you do.

Dedication of this page

We want to dedicate this page to Judith Lynn Byers September 5, 1954 – May 3, 2012.  She was a great lady that not only loved animals but also served and helped many people.

July 26, 2010 This is what happens when I sit down....Yes it is a black and white cat

Photo above shows Judy in Guinea Bissau with her kitty named Marilyn.

Judy had confirmed that God was calling her to be a missionary and in 1986 she quit her job and moved to Brazil, supported by her church. The Brazilians were always drawn to Judy’s smile, her way of speaking, and marvelous sense of humor; oh, and those BLUE eyes. After learning Portuguese and completing her Discipleship Training Course, which lasted 5 months, she was considered a YWAMer. In the early 1990s Judy was involved in the planning stages for evangelism in a small West African country called Guinea Bissau. After several short term trips to Africa, she moved there permanently in January, 1998. She eventually founded the nutrition center in Gabu where she ministered to the physical and spiritual needs of the Guinean people. Additionally, she worked with government officials to gain approval of the work for the health and nutrition center.  Judy also loved animals and had a black and white kitty cat named Maryland that lived with her.  In Guinea Bissau, Judy became ill and on May 3, 2012 went to be with the Lord.  Before her parting of this world she helped so many children and their mothers saving many lives both physical and spiritually.

More about this page

We hope you enjoy the animal stories below.  These are animals that we have worked with.  Also we hope this page will remind you that there are other animals out there needing your help too.  But most importantly we want you to remember that their are many people including children that need help or rescuing.

How you can help: You can help in many ways and her are a few:

1. Donate to missions at —> God’s Word Church <— as they continue to send money over to the nutrition center in Guinea Bissau that Judy Byers started.  Judy’s story can be read above under “Dedication of This Page”.  God’s Word Church is a 501c3 Non Profit and all donations are tax deductible.

2. Stand up against abortion because it is killing innocent lives.

3. Pray and ask for God’s guidance how to help those people around you.

4. You can also donate to Benjamin and his service dog. Benjamin is a boy who suffers from epileptic seizures (a side effect of a type 1 brain tumor he’s now had removed three times).  Email us at to learn how to help them.  Read about Benjamin’s dog Ember below.


Their Stories

We have included photos of the actual animals we have helped.  Our stories are listed in order of newest to oldest.  We have many stories to share with you and are always adding new ones as more stories develop.

The Kittens in danger
On March 30, 2016 5 tiny newborn kittens were bought to us by a friend in a box as shown in the photo above.  Our friend told us they discovered the kittens under a tarp (see blue tap below) in their back yard because their small dog found them and wanted to eat them.  In fear for the kittens lives, my friend did not know what to do so brought them to us for help.  Their back yard was claerly not a safe place for a mommy kitty to raise her babies.  We sprung into action and got the kittens bottles and goat’s milk.  We also wanted to see if we could still locate the mom so she could care for her own kittens.  A sighting had been confirmed that mom was still near my friends house.  We had loaned out our trap for another rescue and had no way to get the mommy as she was too shy to be picked up and would dart out of sight the moment she saw anyone.  We reached out on Facebook and a kind lady offered her trap to us.  We got some canned cat food and baited the trap.  We prayed the mom would be caught and within a matter of minutes we checked the trap and had the mommy as seen in the photo below!  God is good!


For the next several weeks we tried to locate the owner of the mommy cat but no owners could be found.  We tried our best to socialize the mommy kitty for weeks but she was just too feral.  We contacted with a trap and release program that spays and neuters feral cats.  The mommy kitty was fixed after her kittens were weaned and we were able to release her back near the location she was found.  Our friend put out food for her to eat and other surrounding neighbors also put out food for her.  We made sure that the mommies 5 little kittens were very well socialized growing up in our home.  As they became older, our town shelter donated vouchers so we could get them all spayed and neutered.  We got them their shots and de-wormed them.  People even donated to help make this rescue possible as our bills were adding up.  God is so good to make this rescue a success!  Loving homes came to adopt all of the kittens

Photos of kitties below as they grew up

Phantom the Mommy Kitty

Tortoiseshell Feamle Mommy kitty cat named Phantom

Photo taken on 5-24-16

Rescued Cat Fmale Tortoiseshell

Photo taken on 4-1-16

Status: Released after spay on 5-30-16, this was done under a trap and release program for feral cats

Sex: Female

Name: Phantom

Birth Date: Unknown but she is young and full grown

Color: Tortoiseshell

About: This mommy kitty has been through a lot of stress but has still been the BEST mom ever to her babies.  She was too feral to tame and was too unhappy inside so we released her after we had her spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed, ear tipped, and we fed her good food to put on weight she lost.


Tortoiseshell Female kitty cat named Astrid

Photo taken on 5-24-16

Black kitten with white markings Astrid

Photo taken on 4-11-16

Rescued Kitten Fmale Tortoiseshell

Photo taken on 4-6-16

Status: Adopted as of 6-3-16 Congratulations to the Shrader Family in Hesperia CA

Sex: Female

Name: Missy-Miss, named by Cheresse.  Thanks Cheresse for your donation!

Birth Date: 3-30-16 approximately

Vaccine Given: 6-1-16

De-wormed: 5-15-16

Eyes Opened: 4-5-16

Color: Tortoiseshell

About: This little cutie looks just like her mommy.


Black with some white Female kitty cat named Missy-Miss

Photo taken on 5-24-16

Tortoiseshell kitten Missy-Miss

Photo taken on 4-11-16

Rescued Kitten Fmale Black and White

Photo taken on 4-7-16

Status: Adopted as of 12-12-16 Congratulations to the Thompson Family in Victorville CA

Sex: Female

Name: Astrid, named by Kaylee.  Thanks Kaylee for your donation!

Birth Date: 3-30-16 approximately

Vaccine Given: 6-1-16

De-wormed: 5-15-16

Eyes Opened: 4-6-16

Color: Black and White

About: This little girl is mostly all black with some white markings on her paws, lip, and on her neck.  She is one of the sweetest kittens in the litter of 5.  She LOVES food so you have to make sure she is given too much food.


Cream Female kitty cat named Iris

Photo taken on 5-24-16

Rescued Kitten Fmale Cream

Photo taken on 4-7-16

Status: Adopted as of 7-13-16, Congratulations to the Mezin Family in Apple Valley CA

Sex: Female

Name: Iris, named by Ashley.  Thanks Ashley for your donation!

Birth Date: 3-30-16 approximately

Vaccine Given: 6-1-16

De-wormed: 5-15-16

Eyes Opened: 4-4-16

Color: Cream/Orange

About: This sweaty was the largest of the females.  She is a much lighter orange color than her brothers.  Since birth, she has turned out to be tall and lanky.


Orange and White Male kitty cat named Malachi

Photo taken on 5-24-16

Rescued Kitten Male Big Orange Boy

Photo taken on 4-4-16

Status: Adopted as of 6-22-16, Congratulations to the Johnson Family in Victorville CA

Sex: Male

Name: Malachi, named by Yvonne. Thanks Yvonne for your donation!

Birth Date: 3-30-16 approximately

Vaccine Given: 6-1-16

De-wormed: 5-15-16

Eyes Opened: 4-3-16

Color: Orange tiger striped

About: This baby is on of the biggest kittens in his litter.  He was also the first kitten to open his eyes.


Orange Male kitty cat named Butterscotch

Photo taken on 5-24-16

Rescued Kitten Male Small Orange Boy opaning eyes

Photo taken on 4-7-16

Status: Adopted as of 6-10-16, Congratulations to the Wolfe Family in San Dimas CA

Sex: Male

Name: no name yet

Birth Date: 3-30-16 approximately

Vaccine Given: 6-1-16

De-wormed: 5-15-16

Eyes Opened: 4-7-16

Color: Orange tiger striped

About: This boy is by no means a runt but he was one of the smallest in his litter.  He has the cutest orange eyebrows. None of his other litter mates has these cute eyebrows.

The dog that nobody wanted

Photos of before and after rescue

 Snickerdoodle the Havanese Mix before grooming left side view  Snickerodle the Yorkshire Terrier Havanese mix

On February 28, 2015 a little tan dog was found running around in Victorville CA.  The dog was right near a busy road but thankfully a family was able to save her in time.  She was later sent to a relative of the family that found her but neither home was able to keep her.  After an attempted was made to find the owner we here at God’s Creatures heard about the little dog.  We decided to meet her and then later we took her in and fostered her.  Her old owners could not be located and they did NOT microchip her.  She was matted and we had her professionally groomed and most of her coat was saved.  We could also tell she had puppies a few months before she was rescued.  Through the help of some great organizations we had money donated to cover the cost of her spay.  She was not at all potty trained.  She was not kennel trained so we trained her.  Now she loves to sleep in her kennel. She also LOVES to sleep in bed with people. She was tested with 9 dogs and she liked an older small female and 2 of the small male dogs but not the other dogs.  We tested her with children and she LOVED them! We tested her with strangers and she loved all of them and was happy to go with them.  She was very happy to greet anyone and even go with them; she is not shy at all!  We tested her with cats, birds, and rabbits and she was not good with them.  We found out that she loved to play ball!  We were very pleased with her personality around people but not around other pets.  We named her Snickerdoodle and she is some kind of mix with the Yorkshire Terrier, Javanese, and Lhasa Apso.  She was drop dead gorguas but we could not find anyone that was willing to take a dog that was not potty trained and she did not like other pets.  She was young and only about 5 years but still we could not find her a home.  We had received many inquiries about Snickerdoodle but it was never the right home for her.  We prayed and felt like we should start a Facebook page for Snickerdoodle.  On November 16, 2015 we received a message on Snickerdoodle’s Facebook page.  Later the person inquiring about Snickerdoodle sent us an adoption application too.  We did a meet and greet and all went well!  Snickerdoodle even gave them kisses!  This is something Snickerdoodle learned to do with us and now she was giving kisses to a stranger on the face for the very first time.  Nearly 9 moths of fostering this girl and a lot of prayer later, we found her a home with God’s help!  On November 28, 2015 we took her to her new home!  We feel God brought Snickerdoodle and her new owner together because they both needed each other.  Snickerdoodle needed a home and her owner needed a companion.  God brought them together at just the right time and our faith has grown because of this great miraculous experience.  You can follow Snickerdoodle’s story by liking her Facebook page “a Home For Snickerdoodle” or click this >> link <<.

Parakeet in a Parking lot

rescued green Parakeet or Budgerigar meet a new friend

 in April of 2015 a little green Budgerigar or Parakeet was found in a parking lot near a very busy road in Apple Valley CA.  Some nice people were able to save him in time before he flew into the busy road or before anything bad happened to him.  He was then fostered by another kind family that tried to find his owner.  The little bird was very lonely and we offered to take the little guy in as we also had another male that was alone.  In this first photo you can see the two birds meeting for the first time.  For safety reasons we had them in two separate cages side by side.  They were so happy to see a new friend.  The 2nd photo was taken a few weeks later of the two together.

rescued green Parakeet or Budgerigar meet a new friend p3

Rescued puppy Becomes Service dog

Rescued Labrador Retriever p6 On August 16, 2014 this girl was facing a very uncertain future that consisted of being hit by a car, eaten by coyotes, facing exposure to diseases, and being euthanized at a shelter! This female Labrador Retriever puppy was rescued off the streets by the McKoy family.   The McKoys said “She was just standing in the road with a confused lost look on her face”.  The McKoys were not able to locate her owner’s and could not keep her although they very much wanted to but God had other plans for this pup!  Arrangements were made and the puppy later arrived here at God’s Creatures on August 21, 2014.  We would like to thank the McKoy family, as they made the rescue of this puppy possible!  This was a team effort rescue and could not have been done alone.  We fostered Ember for several weeks while continued to look for her owners for 2 weeks.  In the meantime we evaluated her temperament, quarantined her to make sure she was healthy before interacting with other dogs, de-wormed her, vaccinated her, established her on a good dog food, professionally groomed her, and socialized her with all kids of dogs and people.  From the very first moment we met ember on August 16th we could tell that she was a great and happy dog.  She was NOT under weight and seemed hydrated at the time she was found, she only had a little scar on her face other than that she was healthy.  Some one lost a great dog and God had a special plan for this pup and the new home she was to have. We started taking in adoption applications and one came in that we were considering but something did not feel right about it.  We decided to wait another 24 hours before approving this family.  We prayed and asked for God’s guidance and it came that night by email!  An application came in from a mother with a boy named Benjamin.  Benjamin, suffers from epileptic seizures, a side effect of a type 1 brain tumor he’s now had removed three times.  On September 17, 2014, Benjamin, his mother, and their trainer came too meet the puppy.  Ember and Benjamin hit it off great!  Ember is now on her way to becoming a service dog for Benjamin!!!  We are so thankful for the way God worked out the situation for Ember and how she went from a dog in need to a dog helping others in need.  It’s a miracle!!!  We pray that Ember works out perfectly for her new home as she starts training.  Please go and like their page, as we have done, so we can all follow their progress.  Click here to like —> A Service Dog for Benjamin  Also click here —> to view Benjamin’s story on the web.  Donations are still needed for Ember’s training and all donations can be made safely and 100% go directly to Benjamin’s dog Ember.  See the facebook link or website link above and make a donation!


Homeless stray Kitty

Lydia a short haired Female Cat Found May 2014 May 2014: Meet Lydia a short haired, spayed female, kitty cat. Lydia was a stray that showed up at our small farm.  We did not feed her for a few days thinking she had a home some other place and well she didn’t.  She came to us in May 2014.  She was a little thin when we found her but not anymore!  She has been de-wormed twice and given a prevention for fleas.  She is very friendly and is very happy outside and dose not like it inside. She is an excellent mouser and hunter!  She is looking for a home.


Baby goat orphaned by mountain lion attack

Creative Grooming on a Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf goat kid In August of 2013, we got a phone call from some very upset goat owners.  A mountain lion came in during the night and killed several of their goats including this little guys mother!  They were calling to get some help on how to feed this baby as he refused to drink from the bottle.  After giving them a few tips they asked if we could take him as they felt they could not do the job and they could not handle him dying too!  They were willing to give their baby up to save his life.  The whole experience was so traumatizing to this family that we accepted.  Latter the little baby boy arrived and because we just so happened to have a goat in milk we were able to help this baby.  Our doe would never accept a baby not her own but she was accustomed to being milked in a milk stand.  We placed our doe in her stand and milked out some milk into a bottle.  Baby goats that are over a week old, like this baby, usually will refuse a bottle.  So we put a plan together.  We offered our doe plenty of grain as a distraction and then put the baby on the stand to nurse.  The baby got just enough milk to make him remember how hungry he was before the doe pushed him off.  We then quickly popped the bottle into the babies mouth and he took it!  After a few times of feeding the baby like this, he learned that a bottle was good to drink from and would willingly accept it.  We weaned the baby goat as he got older and later found him a new home.


The Midnight Chihuahua

Pets Name: Mojo Breed: Chihuahua In 2012, late one night, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye in our font yard but it was so dark out.  Then we saw him.  A cute thin little guy just sniffing around in our yard.  We took him in and no owner could be found so we began fostering him.  We took him to the vet as he had some coughing.  We also microchiped him as we never wanted him to become lost again.  After his cough was gone and we de-wormed him he began to put on weight :).  We were able to find him a new home that had another dog for him to play with.  We even visited him in his new home a week after he was adopted.


Aggressive West Highland White Terrier

Name: Miluo Breed: West Highland White Terrier In 2012, we heard about this dog from a family member. We looked into this girl’s situation and she was given to us as her last owners said she would become aggressive towards them.  While we evaluated her temperament we found her to be a nice dog that just needed proper handling.  We were able to find her a home that drove about 4 hours to come meet her.  They fell in love with her and had experience with the breed.  They understood her behavior and were ready to take on the responsibility of owning this dog and they had an ideal home setting for this girl.


The old Silky Terrier with missing teeth

Name: Misty Breed: Yorkshire Terrier In 2011, Misty was found on the streets by a kind citizen of Apple Valley and was taken to an animal hospital to be scanned for a microchip.  She had a chip!  Her owners were called by phone but they did not want Misty back.  They wanted someone else to take her for a reason unknown to us.  At the animal hospital Misty faced going to the shelter as no one was able to take her and the animal hospital could not keep her long.  We got a call from a family member that found out about Misty’s situation.  We agreed to maybe adopt her or foster her until home could be found.  The main thing was to keep her from going to a kill shelter!  When she arrived her owners had sent along with her all her belongings including dishes and treats.  Her owners must have loved her some to send all this stuff with her.  It was found upon Misty’s arrival that she was missing almost all her teeth!  We fed her soft food and fostered her for several weeks.  We then found a very loving family that drove about an hour just to come meet her.  They had another dog that needed a friend.  They did not mind that Misty was missing teeth and just loved her they way she was.  Misty seemed to like them and her new family fell in love with Misty that was given up by her last owner.  We got a call later from her new owners how much they loved her and how Misty and their other dog were becoming the best of friends!


Litter of puppies

Asher The Puppy J.J. The Puppy  The puppy Selah The puppy Vinnie The puppy Anna Sammi The Puppy

In 2012, a litter of puppies were born to a mamma dog that was rescued off an old farm. We helped our friends foster these 6 puppies.  For a time we had all 6 and then our friend took a turn watching all 6.  As they became older we fostered 3 and our friends fostered 3.  In the end all 6 puppies found homes and our friend adopted Asher (now called Bently) and we have the pleasure of being his groomer!


Litter of Bichon Frise puppies

February Bichon Frise Puppies In January of 2013, a family had a litter of puppies and did not want to keep them and wanted homes for them.  So we offered to foster them and find homes for them when they became old enough.  When got them eating and digesting puppy dog food.  After they were old enough we then found all of them loving homes.

The old farm dog

Akita Border Collie Mix In 2011, we needed a good young active farm dog to protect our farm animals.  We agreed to give this boy named Honey a try on our farm.  His owner told us how great he was with farm animals and that they would take him back if he did not work out on our farm.  We asked the owner how old the dog was and the owner was not sure but gave us the impression that the dog was not old.  It was very important that we got a young active dog that would be able to scare off our desert coyotes to protect our baby goats and chickens.  Well as it turns out this boy was not the young active dog we had thought he was going to be.  A few days later we called his old owner letting them know he was not working out for our farm but the old owner would not answer our calls or call us back.  It became obvious to us that his old owner did not want his dog back and had no intentions of communicating with us.  We never want to take a dog to a shelter so we fostered this boy as most likely he would not make it out of a kill shelter.  Later on, a very good friend of ours agreed to adopted him.  Honey was able to live out his last days in a loving home and never had to know the kennel of kill shelter.

55 mph street & a dog

Rescued German Shepherd Siberian Husky mix In May of 2011 I was were travelling alone at night on a road with a 55 mile an hour speed limit.  A lot of cars travel on this street at about 60-70 miles per hour as it has no stop signs.  As I was driving along I saw a dog on the side of the road traveling at a trot.  It was a Shepherded Mix Dog.  He was going the same direction as I.  I knew I had one chance to get this dog off the road before he got hit.  I put my hazard lights on and paraded to stop.  The greatest fear I had was that the dog would not come to and I would not be able to chase after him as I was alone and my safety came first.  When I pulled over their were no cars in sight (Thank The Lord!).  I called to the dog and he ran to me.  Next he amazed me and jumped into the van!   He was scared.  After picking up a family member we took the dog to an emergency vet office as it was late and all other vet were closed.  We wanted to have the vet scan him for a chip as we could tell he was missing someone.  We walked into the vet’s and over to the counter and the dog put his paws upon the counter top to greet the vet tech.  The tech then checked for a chip and nothing was found.  This dog was so sweet and friendly that the tech said if the owner could not be found she might possibly be interested in him.  Over the next week and a half we searched for his owner and put up flyers.  No owner could be found so we called the vet tech.  After talking it over with her family she said she would love to adopt him.  His new family came to get him and this lovely boy now had a new home!


This Skinny Hunting Dog

Maddi the German Shorthaired Pointer a week after we rescued her Maddi the German Shorthaired Pointer putting on weight In February 2011 we saw a dog running loose in our neighborhood.  We are located near a highway and it was a possibility that this dog might run into the busy road!  At the time we spotted her she was looking for rabbits and squirrels.  She was a German Shorthaired Pointer.  We called to her but she did not pay any attention to us and continued on her hunt.  She then entered someones back yard that had their gate open and continued her hunt.  We waited at the entrance of the yard for some time.  Finally she finish sniffing out the yard.  If our plan to catch her was to succeed this was the moment!  She would have to come past us to leave this yard.  It worked and she came right up to us and we caught her!  She had no tag and also no chip was found in her.  We tried to find her owner in other ways but with no success over the next 2 weeks.  We knew this was a special dog that needed to be a hunter as this is what she lived to do!  She naturally pointed all the time too.  We suspect that her previous owners did not research her breed before acquiring her otherwise they would have known this breed can have a high hunting instinct.  It is very possible that her previous owners just had her as a pet and she became bored one day in her yard and got out.  Also a dog with such high drive often has high energy a need a good diet to maintain their weight.  When we took this girl in it was obvious she was skinny.  After we de-wormed her and fed her twice a day she started to put on weight!  Because of her high drive to hunt we knew she was not a dog for our farm as we have chickens.  We also knew she was not a house pet and needed a job so we set out to find her a home.  We made it a requirement that we would only let her go to a home that had the capability to train her to be a hunting dog as this is what she lived for.  Several weeks later we found the perfect home for her!  She is now living with a nice family and training in the field to do what she loves most, TO HUNT!  She gets to be a pet but also gets to use up her energy hunting :)

Maddi the German Shorthaired Pointer in training


Skinny Kitty with tapeworms

My cat Confetti a Domestic Shorthair  About 2009: Confetti was a stray that we rescued from starvation here at our small farm. She was under weight, had tapeworms, and was very shy.  It took 2 weeks before she let us pet her.  Now she loves to be with us but as with a lot of cats she is shy with some strangers. She has come a long way now and is looking for a home. She is spayed and about 6 years.


A Horse at the auction

Buffy the Paint Hores In February 2010, we adopted Buffy from an auction.  She had laminitis in her fount hooves.  Laminitis is one of the most serious, crippling diseases of horses, ponies and donkeys.   Buffy’s hoof wall and coffin bone (the bone inside the hoof) separated causing painful tearing.  Thankfully with the help of our amazing farrier we were able to use shoes and pads to give her relief.  As of 2014 Buffy is barefoot is almost completely pain free!  Thanks to God for answering our prayers and the special trimming done by our farrier regularly, Buffy is able to take a rider without having shoes on. She is doing better than when we first adopted her a few years back.


The lost Lovebird

Lovebirds In 2007 the lovebird with the orange beak was found outside our home.  It seemed he had escaped from his home and came to visit our lovebird.  After several tries we were able to catch this bird.  His owners could not be located so he stayed with use several weeks. Then we adopted him and his new black masked friend to a nice home that travailed about 1 1/2 hours to adopt them together.


The Tadpole that almost died

My big toad that is always growing. I bet you would not believe me that a one time he could fit completely on a dime. 2008 In 2007 or 2008 This little guy came to us as a tiny tadpole that could easily fit on a US penny.  His family died but this little guy made it to us just in time.  With special care this guy grew up into a nice sized toad.


Chow Chow Dog found growling on our front doorstep

A Dog In 2007 this young girl was found one night on our doorstep.  She was leaning up against the door, growling, and blocking our way into our home!  She was also a little wet like maybe someone spayed her with a hose?  We had to enter our home through the garage.  After getting into our home we cautiously opened our fount door a tiny crack and tossed out some food.  The dog instantly became our friend and waged her tail and never growled at us again.  It turns out she was just terrified from some unknown treatment she had received possibly before finding our house.  She was a very sweet baby girl around 6 months old.  A nice family from about an hour away came and adopted her several weeks later.


Mamma Cat and her 3 litters of kittens

Black and White Female Kitten In 2004 we adopted 2 kittens from the first two litters of a calico mamma cat.  The last litter we raised along with the mother cat as the owner was not able to help raise anymore kittens.  We found homes for the kittens in this third litter and the last kitten reaming (photo above) we could not find a home for so a nice pet store took her in to find her a home.  The owner of the calico mother cat was not able to control the amounts of litters her kitty was having and she also owned a daughter of the calico cat.  We tried to spay the mother kitty and her daughter but at that time could not catch mamma so we had the calico’s daughter spayed and later the owner was able to spay the mother.  Altogether we gave a home to two of the calico’s kittens and spayed/neutered them, found homes for 4 of her kittens, took 1 kitten to the pet store to be adopted, and we spayed one of the owner’s kitties so the over population at that owner’s house would stop, and we encouraged this owner to have the mother calico spayed and in the end the breeding stopped.


Boxed Turtle found in the desert

female three toed box turtle In 2003 or 2004 This 3 toed Boxed Turtle was found in the desert by a relative of ours.  She stayed with us for a few years and then we adopted out her to a mother and her responsible daughter.


Bichon Frise rescued off the street

Cody the Bichon Frise mix In 2006, this boy was running down the street one night around 10 pm.  We tried to stop him as we did not want a care to hit him.  He paused, then started to run again.  We frantically called him one last time and he paused again.  We continued to call to him in the sweetest towns we could make.  Next her surprised us and he ran right towards us!  We checked his collar for a tag with a phone number but he did not have one.  We did not know what to do and now he would not leave us.  He even dug into our back yard.  We took him in for the next several days. We tried to find his owners and he was scanned for a chip but did not have one.  We even had a lady pretend to be his owner and she stole him from us!  She said it was their dog that was lost and when we asked her the last time they saw him she said “We saw him this morning”, the only trouble was we had found him a week earlier.  Before we knew what was happening this lady took the leash off the dog and pulled him inside her house and shut the door in our face.  Shocked at what had just happened we went home to regroup.  The next day we went back to this woman’s house and asked why she took the dog.  We told the woman that this could not be her dog as we had found him a week earlier and she had said her dog was missing as of yesterday morning dog, she said “Oh I thought you were giving him away”.  Needless to say this woman was lying and was now changing her store when we confronted her about it.  The good thing this woman did, was give the dog back to us!  We never did find this dogs real owners and this boy has found a home with us.  His name is Cody!


We have many stories to share with you and are always working on adding more to this page.


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