List of creature care info on dogs:

“Changing your Dog’s Food”

“Cleaning your Dog’s Ears”

“Dogs with High Energy”

“Matted Fur in Dogs”

“When to trim your dog’s nails”

“Your Dog’s Dental Hygiene is Important”

“Choosing A Dog Food”

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  1. admin says:

    Hello Bell
    Yes, if your dog’s nails are very long I would not take him/her on walks until the nails have been trimmed. The bone structure and tendons of the dog’s foot will have a lot of pressure placed on them from the overgrown nails and will cause pain. Even just walking around the house or yard is painful to a dog that has very overgrown nails.

    PS I am so sorry I did not reply sooner to your question. Somehow I missed it and just now found it. Questions can also be emailed directly to me at

  2. Bell says:

    On trimming dogs nails, do you recommend not exercising your dog until you can get his nails trimmed? Will that put too much pressure on his legs???

  3. admin says:

    Most pet stores carry training books; you can also find dog training books on ebay or Barnes and Noble. I don’t have a particular book to recommend.

  4. Bell says:

    Can you recommend any good dog training books and where I might be able to find them? My dig has high energy and needs some training. I have found running him daily helps to keep him calm.


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